Who we are

Behind the scenes at Achievetec

The directors at Achievetec reckon they have a great job. They're passionate about what they do and have a real love of the cutting-edge technology we now all need to keep our business moving forward. This fascination with the latest technology motivates a deeper involvement than you'll usually experience from your suppliers.
They get to try all the latest technology and gadgets first, to find out what they can (and can't) do. The words "kids" and "sweetshop" come to mind. They don't get freebies either; they themselves "invest" their own money in the latest devices for research purposes, so that you don't have to.

Monitoring, researching and testing is carried out constantly to make sure you only ever get kit that's fit for its purpose, and meets your needs. We won't ever sell you a device without trying and testing each one, so we know their advantages and limitations, inside out.

At Achievetec we firmly believe every customer is equally important. Regardless of whether your order is worth £500 or £10 million, you'll always be treated in the manner we would like be treated ourselves. You'll appreciate the honesty. If we know a better product is in the pipeline we'll always tell you. We'll do our very best to future proof any purchase you make, if at all possible. We want you to be delighted with the service and every bit of advice we give you.

Our aim: to help you achieve your Enterprise goals

Before we meet with you we will have carried out extensive research into your industry. This will help us to understand your terminology (i.e. acronyms and technical jargon) so you won't have to keep explaining everything and it means that we won't need to take up more of your time than is necessary.

At the same time we are still keenly aware that you are the expert on your own industry, so will ask lots of questions to ensure our understanding is correct and to ensure that we have all the information we need to look for the right solution for your specific needs.

Do you need help to work out the best solution?

Perhaps you've already carried out your own research and already know exactly what you're looking for, or you may already have similar/complimentary equipment and merely need to find the right people to supply it.

If that's the case, it will save us all a lot of time and enable you to get your project up and running with the minimum of delay.

On the other hand with rapid changes in the world of mobile phones and hand held devices you may not be aware of everything that can be achieved with the technology that's currently available and would find it valuable to talk to someone who will give you honest, unbiased advice, even if that means sending you elsewhere for the equipment you need.

Whatever your situation, Achievetec will act in a consultative capacity to really understand your needs; enabling us to recommend the right solution for your organisation.

You may have researched the widely available consumer handsets that are often given away free of charge with airtime contracts. But we know that many of these handsets may only last a year.

We wouldn't be doing our job properly if we didn't ensure that the devices you're planning to use have been designed to cope with the jobs you're planning to use them for. Knowing how short a life span many devices have, we often recommend rugged devices that can give you 5, 10, or 15 years use. Our main concern is always to ensure that you get the best possible advice for your circumstances.

Achievetec are not restricted or limited by manufacturing process or warehousing. In addition we can give you access to a vast amount of technical support and if it's necessary we won't hesitate to bring that to the table at the earliest stage of working with you.