Motorola's RFID portfolio includes a business and industrial line of fixed, handheld, hands-free and mobile RFID readers for inventory and asset management, complementing Motorola's broader enterprise mobility portfolio of radio communication devices, wireless infrastructure, data capture and mobile-computing products.

Business Class Readers
Motorola's business-class line of RFID readers were designed specifically to extend the benefits of RFID into customer facing environments. The MC3190-Z handheld RFID reader and the FX7400 fixed RFID reader are easy to use and deliver high-performance RFID in business environments such as retail and healthcare. These business-strength readers are ideal for conducting item-level applications such as retail cycle counting, inventory management and asset tracking.

Industrial Class Readers
Motorola's industrial-class line of RFID readers are rugged and offer the high-performance necessary to track products, assets and other items in warehouse and distribution environments. This industrial line of RFID products includes the FX9500 series of fixed RFID readers, and the MC9090-G, MC9090-Z and MC9190-Z handheld RFID readers.

Motorola's RFID readers have been deployed in applications across diverse industries, including:

Retail, manufacturing, government, wholesale distribution, travel & transportation and energy & utilities.


Motorola RFID At A Glance

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