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Becrypt DISK Protect data encryption software for tablets
Becrypt’s DISK Protect full disk encryption software has been developed to protect all information and data stored on tablet devices. Highly sensitive data can now be protected in the event of loss or theft delivering peace of mind for users.

Achievetec are the first company to offer DISK Protect software on the Lenovo Tablet 2, allowing governments, healthcare providers, the defence sector and corporations requiring high security to deploy the latest Lenovo Tablet 2 with confidence. The Becrypt tablet solution provides an onscreen touch keyboard, to allow authentication without the need to attach an external keyboard.

Becrypt DISK Protect for tablets is FIPS approved and works by encrypting every sector of the hard drive, preventing unauthorized access to anyone accessing the files without permission via strong authentication to load the operating system and access user files. It will also allow users to protect their existing and any new data without causing any impact on day to day operations. This robust software encryption layer complements the hardware security features integrated into tablets, including smartcard reader, TPM and more. The hard drive is transparently encrypted, with no impact on performance. Even when the tablet is disposed of, and specialist recovery tools are used, the data remains safe.

DISK Protect can also transparently encrypt the data on removable media such as USB devices, SD cards and other mass storage devices. Further control of external media and devices can also be applied using additional software from Becrypt for a complete end point protection suite for tablet devices.

Need added data security on your tablet PC’s, call Achievetec today!

Why do 6 of the 10 largest Fortune 500 companies use GoodTM Technology for their Enterprise Mobility Solutions?



The reasons are multiple! Good Technology is:

Secure – Opens only an outgoing connection for your email and applications so there’s no hole in your firewall.

Highly Flexible – Will work with Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and many different makes or types of device, including the iPhone and Android. You can choose the equipment that suits your organisation, rather than have that dictated to you.

A Better Investment – When connected with our range of durable and rugged hardware we offer to extend the lifespan of your assets with full support over a 5-7 year period and beyond.

Good Technology provides the following mobile e-mail products:

Good for Enterprise - A secure e-mail, mobile device management, and Intranet-Internet proxy server solution targeted for companies. It includes three main components: Good Mobile Control, for device management and security, Good Mobile Messaging, for secure email and PIM access, and Good Mobile Access for secure mobile access to enterprise networks and applications.

Good Mobile Control: provides a comprehensive mobile security and device management solution that includes over-the-air device management, granular and consistent mobile security policy enforcement, and end-to-end visibility for trouble shooting and support. Good Mobile Control is accessed through a web-based console that allows IT administrators access from anywhere including their mobile devices.

Good Mobile Messaging: delivers a mobile experience that not only makes users productive, but also makes mobile security and management a breeze for IT across leading device platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and PalmOS. Good delivers an unparalleled mobile experience for users and a simple architecture with a rational cost of ownership for IT.

Good Mobile Messaging’s award-winning, intuitive user interface ensures that you are up and running quickly while allowing you to personalise the way you view, prioritise, and find information in your corporate inbox.

Good Mobile Messaging provides end-to-end mobile security with FIPS certified 192 bit AES encryption for data in transit as well as data stored on users’ devices. Good’s server is deployed behind the enterprise firewall so security is not compromised with having to open new ports. Security policies for users, devices, and applications are easily implemented and pushed to the device with over-the-air (OTA) transmission. IT can even remotely lock down hardware components including cameras, Bluetooth, and IR ports. New temporary passwords can be pushed to the handheld and enterprise data on lost or stolen devices can be remotely erased.

Good Mobile Access: ensures that a user can obtain vital information or utilize web-based, thin/thick client or third party and enterprise custom applications anytime, anywhere with Good’s proven and secure platform.

Good Mobile Access utilizes Good Technology’s proven secure transport with 192 bit AES encryption and FIPS certification. Good’s NOC-based architecture provides session resilience making application access less sensitive to coverage or usage patterns. And the Good Mobile Connection server is deployed behind the firewall instead of in the DMZ like other traditional VPN product gateways.

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration across the Enterprise: Good Mobile Access supports applications that use standard TCP based application layer protocol, including instant messaging, ERP/SFA/CRM tools, IT administration, Intranet and other web-based applications, and any TCP-based custom applications. Whether it’s enabling document access and sharing via Microsoft SharePoint, or secure Instant Messaging via Microsoft Communicator Mobile or IBM Same Time, Good enhances communication and collaboration across the enterprise with Good Mobile Access.

Good Mobile Access provides IT with a single console with simple architecture to manage and secure the mobile device fleet, providing constant visibility to the device to determine radio and connection status. Over the air management and security features allow IT to manage third party applications and policies, remotely erase a lost or stolen device, broadcast connection entry changes to a user or group, and lock down device features like Bluetooth, infrared, cameras or SD card access. Moreover, connection support is resilient to changes in device IP, meaning Good Mobile Access supports roaming, network address translation (NAT), WiFi to WAN switchover, and session persistence after connectivity loss.

Good for Government - Same as Good for Enterprise, but with added security of S/MIME messaging and Common Access Card support, targeted for governments.

Good for You - A mobile e-mail, personal calendaring, social networking and instant messaging solution targeted at individuals.

Companies and organisations such as The Ministry of Defence, Visa, Lloyds TSB, KPMG, Intel, Cisco, Wal-Mart, Yahoo, Symantec, McAfee, GE and VINCI PLC have all chosen Good. Achievetec deliver Enterprise Mobility Solutions to VINCI PLC.

Across a range of products and services, from Good Technology, linking into Motorola’s range of durable and ruggedized devices and Adaptive AP Wi-Fi Solutions for office and project sites:

“VINCI PLC are using Good Technology to deliver secure email to the group. A clear advantage is the easy manageability and access to critical information provided by the service across a range of PDAs and devices. With the assistance of Achievetec we are developing our Enterprise Mobility service around the Motorola platform of products, utilising Good Technology to deliver email efficiently across all regions to our new and legacy products.” Tina Parfitt, Head of IT, VINCI PLC

STOP PRESS: You can now connect up any third party mobile application to your backend servers securely and effortlessly with Good.

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