Bios and backgrounds

Un-paralleled experience within the industry.

Peter Burges – Managing Director:

In 1988 Pete graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA in history, working in America and Canada along the way – where service to clients was, and still is, the key. So it was not a surprise that the 21 year old, who had already spotted the future potential of mobile devices, and had a natural understanding of what key corporates needed, would find his way straight into the then-embryonic mobile communications industry. At this time the price of a basic mobile phone had dropped so dramatically that it was possible to own one for less than £1300! Pete soon found that his natural understanding of this emerging technology combined with his passion for service and ability to open people's eyes and educate them to potential applications for mobile devices set him apart from his peers. People who engaged with Pete often shone bright within their organisations for years after following Pete's advice, which made him, for many, the man to know in the mobile devices field.

With a background in history, rather than science or engineering, Pete comes at solutions from a non-technical perspective which means he has no problem in keeping the message simple for your decision makers. At the same time he will always bring in the relevant experts to discuss the specifics of a project, which is why he works closely with the manufacturers, software developers (or anyone else involved) to provide whatever additional support is necessary, with high levels of competence.

Naturally over years he's picked up a fair amount just by working with the technology for so long, and he has now spent many years supplying and working with suppliers like 02 and Vodafone to secure and look after £1 million + contracts from Government Agencies in the UK, USA and elsewhere, and £ multi-billion corporate clients.

These days Pete keeps up with the technological advances, by constantly attending exhibitions, seminars and training courses for new products and updates, either at "out of office" events or on-line.

Growing and managing a business has been combined with the joy of a growing family outside of work…though Phil will always be one or two steps ahead of him here!



Phil Howard – Technical Director:

Came from a client facing background where he was at the sharp end of IT decision making. Specifying hardware, smartphone selection, and managing a large global implementation of Windows Mobile and Blackberry services and therefore brings with him more than 20 years of experience of managing one of the largest phone fleets in the world.

Clients often want the process of supporting the device to work in a certain way, sometimes overcomplicating things without thinking about or fully understanding what has been tried and tested before. Phil's experience in this field can save you and your organisation from paying for things you actually don't need.

Often he will bring a much simpler and more cost effective approach to things. To make a system run reliably we have to support hardware, connectivity, the set- up of SIM cards and how they all work together. If something doesn't work the parties all blame each other. We try to use the most simple and reliable approach based on our experience of managing services in an extremely large environment.

In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar in his band and keeping up with Technology and gadgets. His current favourite gadget is a Proliant Microserver. (Sad Git)



Ray Davies – IT Consultant:

Ray is an infrastructure technical specialist dealing with how information flows through complex networks. He is also a mail and collaboration consultant with large scale mail migration experience to, and lately from, IBM Lotus Notes. Ray is a network and server architecture, design, deployment and support specialist. In his spare time Ray is an Intrusion scanning software and server hardening security specialist.

Ray is also a certified IBM project manager specialising in recovering failing projects with the ability to visualise solutions where others may not and he is a people manager with mentor and counselling skills and a proven high performance team builder.

Ray is a toastmaster, public speaker and presenter of seminars and structured courses and a Linux open source promoter and active participant in the Linux community.

He is a results orientated, highly motivated, passionate entrepreneurial individual that is able to initiate complex projects and deliver results.