Why Use Achievetec

The Achievetec team bring you far more than just great products and solutions. Our aim is to provide you with a level of service that's head and shoulders above the rest. Here are just some of the ways we are committed to always doing the right thing for you and your organisation:

You'll enjoy a genuinely personal service
When you do business with Achievetec you'll usually be talking with one of our directors, who will know you, your organisation and the technology you're using. You won't have to waste your time explaining everything, so you'll get the answers you need quickly.

Without you we don't have a business
We will never take your business for granted and will continue to provide you with back up long after the initial purchase. Long-term relationships are good for you and good for us. You are more than just an account number to us and will always be treated in the same way as we would like to be treated ourselves.

There is no point in hiding anything…
There's little point in making a promise knowing it can't be kept. When you are making a long term investment in technology you will soon find out if it doesn't perform as it should. With Achievetec you will always get an honest answer, even if it's not what you want to hear, or the answer we would prefer to give you.

Keeping you informed, because communication is key
Like our suppliers, we always aim to deliver on time. Occasionally in our industry, as with most others, there can be setbacks to the manufacture of products or in the development of software. We will work hard on your behalf to prevent any delays, however if there is, you won't be left in the dark. You will be kept informed at all times so you are always in a position to make any arrangements necessary to minimise the effect it has on your organisation.

We really do listen to you
When everything is running smoothly you can't really judge how well a company is really looking after you. It's only when something goes wrong that you get a chance to see how good their service really is and that's when they get the opportunity to blow you away by really going the extra mile. So if you have a problem please don't give it a second thought, get on the phone or send us an email and let us know. If we can help you, we will.

We work hard to keep up to date… so you don't have to
We often seek out advance knowledge of upcoming products from manufacturers and software developers, well before it is widely available. Achievetec constantly look for new products and services for you and your company, passing on any appropriate information that will benefit you.

We talk your language, even if you're not a "techie"
AchieveTech aim to provide you with a solution, not just a box that we hope will do the job for you. If you're not a technical expert we will help you cut through the technobabble and jargon that's often associated with telecoms and technology, to ensure you understand exactly what you're buying and what it's going to cost.

Our aim on pricing is to be competitive at all times… keeping an eye on the market place on your behalf. You can be confident that you always enjoy the best possible service and exceptional value for your money.
When it comes to an important buying decision you need to certain you're doing the right thing. When you contact Achievetec you'll find we take the time to actually listen and really understand what you want to achieve, before we make a recommendation. We won't just try to sell you a standard package.

Is there a better way to do things?
The chances are you are an expert within your industry, you know the way the systems work and understand best practice. We supply to a wide variety of industries and have discovered others often have different ways of working. If there is another way to do the job or save you time and money you can be sure we'll let you know. It's then up to you if you want to find out more, test and adopt that method… or not.

Achievetec Mobile Deployment Checklist

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Statement of Values


Early adopters - we don’t shy away from innovation, it’s the core of our business.
Flexible – we try and approach every situation with an open and willing attitude.
Personal & Friendly – Our business centres around your experience of technology, and you are respected as a human being.
A Leader – We aim to constantly improve the way we do things in our industry and come up with new ideas.


Slow – sluggish to react to the marketplace and customer’s needs.
Rigid - doing something a certain way because that’s the way it has always been done.
An un-caring corporate - only interested in the bottom line, whose customers are just numbers
A Follower – jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of it and blindly promoting the next trend because everyone else is.
Achievetec are in the ideas business. Our aim is turn our ideas into worthwhile and enduring solutions for our customers. We are driven by our values to contribute to the efficiency, profitability and success of our customers through the supply of cost-effective, cutting-edge business communications technology.